Free 30-Minute Telephone Consultation

The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has a proven, high rate of success but is not a ‘quick fix’ and neither is it necessarily appropriate for everyone. For these reasons the first step towards a treatment programme with ICASA is through a Free Telephone Assessment with David Brown, Founder of The School of ICASA. This Assessment may last for up to thirty minutes and provides an opportunity, in strictest confidence and without obligation, to further explore the ICASA therapeutic approach.

During this telephone assessment it allows for an informed decision to be made as to whether the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme is appropriate in your particular case.

Personal Consultation

A Personal Consultation with David Brown is the next important step in exploring treatment with ICASA.  It will provide greater clarity and a deeper understanding of the causes of the problems being experienced.

At the consultation it will be possible to explore and determine whether Surrogate Partner Therapy would be an effective and appropriate component of treatment or whether one of the other ways of accessing the ICASA Recovery Programme may be more suitable. A treatment plan will be developed, including therapeutic goals and a preliminary assessment of programme duration. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment following a consultation.

About David Brown

David Brown, M.Msc. (born in 1946 in North London) is the Founder and Principal of The School of Intimacy, Consciousness And Self Awareness (ICASA); a sex educational and therapy centre for training in intimacy, sexual healing and relationship skills and Sexual Therapy Centre specialising in Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy.

He is a Sex Therapist and Sex Educator, Transpersonal Therapist and Interfaith Minister. In 1993 he opened a medical and sexual therapy centre in London, a treatment centre for problems relating to intimacy, relationships and sex. He has been in continuous professional therapeutic practice as a sexual therapist in the UK for the past twenty-seven years.

He is author of books including Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy, Silent Voices From Forever and The Transforming Power Of Intimacy, a series of ten workbooks that together form the ICASA Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme: a fusion of metaphysical principles and practices from both the East and West that combine sexuality and spirituality.

In his capacity as Principal and Founder of The School of ICASA he was for some time a “sexpert” on a call-in show on Pulse Radio in Bradford, appeared on national TV in three documentaries on sexual attitudes in Britain and featured in quality newspaper articles and national magazines such as The Times, Maxim, SHE Magazine, SHINE Magazine, Australian Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and FHM.

David Brown M.Msc is a Master of Metaphysical Science (International Metaphysical Ministry, University of Sedona), Member of the Interfaith Ministers Association and a therapist member of International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA).

David was married for thirty-four years before his wife died in 2006, six years after being diagnosed with breast cancer. They had a son and two daughters, all who are now married with children. He remarried in January 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia to Alba Lucia Figueroa Gomez who is now, amongst other aspects of the work of The School of ICASA, actively involved in translating the ICASA workbooks and other literature into Spanish in order that the written work of David Brown can be accessed in European Spain and throughout Latin America.