Solving Sexual Problems Since 1994

Erection Problems

Premature Ejaculation

Inhibited Ejaculation

Fear of Intimacy

Unwanted Midlife Virginity

Pornography and Masturbation Obsession

Performance Anxiety

Unable to Orgasm

Sexual Inexperience

Destructive Relationships

Unconventional Sexual Practices

Gender Orientation Confusion

Sexual Recovery Programmes for Single Men, Women and Couples

  • Proven and effective treatment. Established in the U.K. in 1994. Now over 25 years continuous professional practice in the U.K.

  • Helping men, women and couples to overcome fear of intimacy, sexual problems, dysfunctions or the effects of negative sexual experience and trauma.

  • The only sexual therapy centre in the U.K. specialising in Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy

  • Total confidentiality, dignity and respect