Relationship Rescue

There is a science to mastering intimate relationships. Most people enter into a relationship unscientifically, and when things start to go wrong, they have little or no clue how to put it right.

The No.1 reason—in every intimate relationship—for breakdown, breakup, separation or divorce is ultimately the decline, erosion and eventual disappearance of intimacy and sex. There is one thing that is unique to intimate relationships, and that is intimacy. To rescue, restore and revive an intimate relationship, the central thing to restore is intimacy. Sex can be restored, when the foundation is restored.

The ICASA Relationship Rescue Programme takes couples through a
step-by-step programme of recovery from:

  • Sexless relationship
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Sex and ageing
  • Sex after childbirth
  • Sex after surgery
  • Sex after menopause
  • Sex following infidelity and betrayal

The ICASA Relationship Rescue Programme focuses upon the restoration of intimacy and sexual aspect of the relationship. The programme is practical and experiential, with very high success rates when both partners are fully committed to the process.  David and Lucia Brown personally facilitate the ICASA Relationship Rescue Programme together, ensuring balanced perspective for both partners in the relationship.

Sexual Problems - Couples
Sexual Problems - Couples 2