Programmes for Women

It is not uncommon for successful women, who outwardly seem to have it all, to be inwardly crying out for someone to share their life with. Although at work or with friends they may be outgoing and confident, sexually they feel inexperienced or dysfunctional and don’t know where to start when it comes to intimate relationships.

Women’s sexual problems are often considered either too complicated to try to resolve or simply ‘one of those things’ which a woman is supposed to put up with. The fact is that sexual problems such as unwanted midlife virginity, inexperience, painful sex or the inability to orgasm can be successfully resolved through the supportive ICASA Sexual Self-Development Programme for women.

Please be assured that, should you visit us for help, you will be treated with the utmost sensitivity, dignity and with complete confidence.

Sex After Menopause or Surgery

Sex After Menopause
or Surgery

Many women feel that their sexuality may be diminished or even that it has ended as a result of the menopause. These changes can lead to distress or anxiety regarding sexual drive and functioning.
Orgasmic Dysfunction and Painful Sex

Orgasmic Dysfunction
and Painful Sex

Read most magazines and you would be led to believe that most women experience at least one, if not multiple, orgasms every time they have sex.

Female Sexual Inexperience

Client’s feelings about being virgins vary from somewhat embarrassed at 25 to extremely embarrassed at 45. Statistically, if you didn’t have sex in your teen years, you’re in the minority.
Start your Journey

Start your Journey

Break the pattern of destructive sexual difficulties. To start your journey towards sexual recovery now is the time to take action and contact ICASA to arrange a FREE 30 minute telephone assessment.