ICASA Sexual Self-Development Programmes

ICASA Sexual Self-Development Programmes offer men, women and couples powerful, practical and effective tools within an evolving process, transforming unhelpful early conditioning and developing a new relationship with oneself and others. ICASA programmes are structured professional, therapeutic programmes and provide the opportunity to establish and maintain truly fulfilling intimate, sexual relationships and a peaceful, loving relationship with oneself.

While fear of intimacy may result from background factors and early life conditioning, the solution and a permanent lifelong recovery does not necessarily come from an exhaustive analysis of the causes. Instead, what has been shown to be most effective is a current, direct experience of the healing power of intimacy in the present.  The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has proven efficacy in healing intimacy and sexual problems over the last twenty years in therapeutic practice in the UK.

ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme

The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme provides a methodical path which, if followed, results in healing fear of intimacy, sexual dysfunctions and sexual anxieties.  Over the past twenty years, ICASA Programmes have helped nearly fifteen hundred men, women and couples to live satisfying, fulfilling sexual lives.

There are a number of ways in which individual men and women can access the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme.

  • The entire Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme, consisting of ten workbooks, can be studied and the exercises practised by oneself.
  • The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme with personal mentoring and guidance may be an additional route to full recovery.
  • For some clients, the addition of Surrogate Partner Therapy can be the most effective approach.

A personal treatment plan, taking into account therapeutic needs and life circumstances, is established at the Personal Consultation.

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