Free Telephone Consultation

The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has proven, high rates of success but it is not a ‘quick fix’ and neither is it necessarily appropriate for everyone. For these reasons the first step towards a treatment programme with ICASA is through a Free Telephone Consultation with David Brown, Founder of The School of ICASA and the leading expert in the UK on the treatment and solutions for resolving sexual dysfunctions and intimacy anxieties.

  • Break free from the isolation of your fears and speak in complete confidence with someone who really understands
  • Receive initial advice and develop an understanding of the roots and causes of your particular issue
  • Learn about treatment options and solutions that can be provided through the unique ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme
  • Discover how Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy, the most radical and effective model of sexual therapy in the world, can help you
  • Create a first step towards your personal treatment plan that will lead you to sexual freedom

This is not a sales call and there is no further obligation after this call.  The purpose of this free telephone consultation is to provide you with hope and help.  Any information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence and we will respond to you as soon as possible.