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Telephone Assessment

This is free, confidential, without obligation and may last for up to thirty minutes.

Personal Consultation

Individual consultations last up to two hours. The cost for an individual consultation is £240 inclusive of vat.

Couples Consultation

Couples consultations usually last two hours. The cost for a couples consultation is £280 inclusive of vat.

Transpersonal Therapy

Individual consultations are based on an hourly rate of £120 plus VAT.

Sexual Recovery Mentoring Programme

Appointments for mentoring individual clients through the Sexual Recovery Programme are based on an hourly rate of £120 plus VAT.

Surrogate Partner Therapy

The fee structure for Surrogate Partner Therapy is based upon an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT for men and £150 plus VAT for women. These fees are fully inclusive of workbooks, mentoring and surrogate partner therapy. The number of sessions required to achieve successful completion of program will vary according to the nature, longevity and complexity of the complaint/s. It will also be affected by individual character and conditioning. The greatest contribution one can make to the speed and depth of recovery, and therefore the time and cost involved, is to give the treatment the highest level of priority and commitment and ensure regularity and consistency of sessions.

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