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Your Next Step

Free Telephone Assessment

The ICASA Recovery Programme is a significant step requiring courage, commitment, time and a considerable investment both energetically and financially. Issues profoundly affecting one’s sexuality are often the cumulative effect of many years of negative conditioning and suffering. Such problems are not effectively and permanently resolved overnight.

The ICASA Recovery Programme has proven, high rates of success but it is not a ‘quick fix’ and neither is it necessarily appropriate for everyone. For these reasons the first step towards a treatment programme with ICASA is through a Free Telephone Assessment with a senior member of our therapeutic team. This Assessment may last for up to thirty minutes and provides an opportunity, in strictest confidence and without obligation, to further explore the ICASA therapeutic approach.

It allows for an informed decision to be made as to whether an ICASA Recovery Programme is appropriate in your particular case. Following the Telephone Assessment, an appointment for a Personal Consultation with David Brown, the Principle of ICASA, may be arranged. This is a pre-requisite to being accepted onto an ICASA Recovery Programme.

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Personal Consultation

A Personal Consultation is the next important step in exploring treatment with ICASA. After the relevant historical context has been discussed and reviewed it will provide greater clarity and a deeper understanding of the causes of the presenting complaint or complaints.

At the consultation it will be possible to explore and determine whether Surrogate Partner Therapy would be an effective and appropriate component of treatment or whether one of the other ways of accessing the ICASA Recovery Programme may be more suitable. A treatment plan will be developed, including therapeutic goals and a preliminary assessment of programme duration. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment following a consultation.

This appointment lasts for up to two hours and can be held in Central London or at The Centre for ICASA in Bedfordshire.


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