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Surrogate Partner Therapy

In appropriate cases, ICASA offers the possibility of working through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme with a trained Sexual Surrogate Partner. A Surrogate Partner is not the client’s therapist or teacher but exactly what the title suggests; the intimate and sexual partner the client currently lacks. The practical sessions then help men and women to overcome sexual anxieties and dysfunctions. A Sexual Surrogate Partner enables you to experience for yourself the powerful techniques taught through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. The steps of the programme are progressive: when you discover new confidence and freedom from anxiety at a particular step, you then progress to the next step. Sexual therapy of this kind enables you to discover intimacy as a healing experience – free from the pressures, potential rejection and judgemental attitudes.

Over the past twenty years, the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has enabled hundreds of men and women to gain control of their sexual responses, establish healthy relationships and lead full and satisfying sex lives. This is made possible through a skilled and highly sensitive professional team that includes the Principal, Mentors and ICASA Surrogate Partners.

The therapeutic relationship is a three way relationship involving the therapist, the client and Sexual Surrogate Partner.

Surrogate Partners are highly trained and sensitive individuals, defined by their ability to give of themselves emotionally and physically in order to help and free others from their anxieties and inhibitions.

Surrogate Partners

ICASA Sexual Surrogate Partners are distinguished by their genuine desire to help people, together with a deep connection with their own sexuality. They are extraordinary people; able to give of themselves emotionally and physically in order to help others to heal and fulfil their full sexual potential.

The relationship with a Surrogate Partner is a time-limited relationship, with identified boundaries. It is an authentic emotional, intimate relationship for the purposes of resolving intimacy and sexual anxieties and dysfunctions. The full range of emotional and sexual feeling and connection is experienced. This is the essential aspect of the healing process. Both client and Surrogate Partner are aware of the eventual closure to the therapeutic relationship and are prepared well in advance for the closure session, which remains a precious and very positive experience.

A Surrogate Partner may, or may not, be a client’s ideal in terms of age, physical appearance, background or personality. In order to fully benefit from therapy it is not necessary for the client to feel attracted, or be socially compatible to the Surrogate Partner, as would be expected in a ‘dating’ relationship. A Surrogate Partner is not intended to be a substitute for a committed relationship. A genuine connection develops through the environment of acceptance and genuine intimacy. ICASA Surrogate Partners are highly trained to help clients through this sensitive and vulnerable stage of their lives. They are an invaluable part of the ICASA therapy team, which is totally committed to the client’s sexual healing and happiness.

Great care goes into the selection of ICASA Sexual Surrogate Partners. Training and supervision is continuous. Although there are no specific academic qualifications required of a Surrogate Partner, there are some very specific qualities and life experiences which are essential. A positive relationship with one’s own body, sexuality, warmth, compassion, empathy, trust and non-judgemental attitudes towards others are fundamental and vital characteristics.

The Centre for ICASA is a member of the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA), American Association of Sexual Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT) and the Interfaith Ministers Association (IMA).

‘A Surrogate Partner is a member of a three-way therapeutic team (supervising therapist, client and surrogate partner) who acts as a partner to a sexually dysfunctional client in the therapy programme and participates in experiential practices involving sensual and sexual touching as well as social and sexual skills training’

Vena Blanchard, President of IPSA

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