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Sexual Problems - Couples
Sexual Problems - Couples 2

Relationship Rescue

The ICASA Relationship Rescue Programme takes couples through a step-by-step programme of recovery from: Sexless Relationships, Lack of Intimacy, Sexual Dysfunctions, Sex and Ageing or Sexual Problems such as: After Betrayal, After Childbirth, After Surgery and After Menopause.

Intimate relationships are under more pressure in today’s world than at any time since the Second World War. During that era and before, relationships faced the pressures caused by poverty, enforced separation and external threat to life itself. After sixty years of cultural, economic, technological and sexual change on an unprecedented scale, today’s relationships face pressures not from without but from within. For couples today, it is not so much the pressures of poverty that cause conflict, but also the pressure of maintaining the lifestyle expected by today’s society.

The roles and perceptions of men and women have also changed dramatically in that time, with little to inform and guide the new man and woman how to blend into a harmonious whole. The old models of relationships have also changed, with less couples opting for traditional marriage. We now live in a multicultural world where couples may represent completely contrasting ethnic backgrounds. No longer does one traditional religious or cultural value system fit-all.

Under pressure from constant activity and expectations that the modern materialistic world creates, couples often find themselves exhausted and disconnected. Over time and often without discussion, the sexual aspect of a relationship suffers or even becomes completely defunct. In such circumstances one partner or both may become fearful of communicating their sexual needs, frustrations or anxieties. Impenetrable, invisible and unspoken barriers are built. Bedtime becomes a silent, lonely relief from the constant pressures of the day; intimacy is absent.

Infidelity may intrude. In today’s Internet age there are more temptations to develop clandestine relationships than ever before. Infidelity may even be virtual as distinct from actual.

Traditional relationship counselling can sometimes help, but too often one partner or the other feels alienated. The number of couples who drop out from relationship therapy is remarkably high. Sexual issues are rarely addressed directly, with the emphasis placed upon the need to deal with everyday relationship issues before tackling those of intimacy and sex.

The Healing Power of Intimacy Programme at ICASA is focused upon the restoration of the intimate and sexual aspect of the relationship. A mature and experienced male and female therapeutic team facilitates the ICASA Programme, ensuring balanced perspective for both partners in the relationship. It is practical and experiential, with very high success rates when both partners are committed to the process.

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