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Intimacy & Sexual Problems

Fear of intimacy is an epidemic and growing problem in our society. It causes extraordinary levels of pain, despair and isolation. It is a much misunderstood and secret condition which millions suffer from, often without any hope of resolution or healing.

Sexual problems, also known as ‘sexual dysfunctions’, are common in the general population. One UK-based study suggests that approximately 40 per cent of women and 22 per cent of men are affected by some form of sexual dysfunction*. It has also been estimated that over half of all men aged over 40 experience some form of erectile problem and this figure increases with age.

One of the deepest human needs is for happiness and fulfilment through an intimate relationship. For an individual to believe that this possibility is closed to them forever can lead to a lifetime of painful isolation and brings many to the brink of desperation, sickness and even suicide.

Fear of intimacy is also often at the heart of common conditions such as: Depression, Anxiety, Relationship breakdowns, Obsessions, Addictions and Suicidal tendencies

In Men

Unwanted mid-life virginity
Performance anxiety 
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
Inhibited ejaculation
Pornography / sexual addiction
Gender orientation confusion

In Women

Inability to respond sexually
Orgasmic dysfunction (inability to orgasm)
Vaginismus (painful sex)

In Couples

Sexless relationships
Intimacy after betrayal
Intimacy after surgery
Intimacy after menopause
Sex and ageing

In Men & Women

Sexual or intimate inexperience (adult virgin)
Loss of libido
Long term avoidance of intimate relationships
Compulsive promiscuity
Sexual addiction or obsessive use of pornography

There is so much emphasis on performance, objectives, goals, pressure, power and procreation. All these pressures restrict people’s expectations of their sex life, reducing it to something that we ‘do’ instead of a life giving, healing experience based on pleasure, mutual honour and respect.

Moreover, most people, especially when they are young, only expect their sex life to remain active and pleasurable until they reach a certain age. A more realistic expectation is that intimacy and the right kind of sexuality should be an essential and active part of our experience throughout our entire lifetime.

*Nazareth, I. et al. (2003) Problems with sexual function in people attending London general practitioners: cross sectional study. British Medical Journal, 7412, 327-423.
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