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Individual Programmes
Recovery Programme

Individual Programmes

There are a number of ways in which individual men and women, committed to healing intimacy and sexual problems, can access the ICASA Recovery Programme. A personal treatment plan, taking into account therapeutic needs and life circumstances, is established at the Personal Consultation.

The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme provides a methodical path which, if followed, results in healing fear of intimacy, sexual dysfunctions and sexual anxieties. It offers a practical method in language suited to the modern mind in the current era. Over the past twenty years, the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has helped nearly fifteen hundred men, women and couples to live satisfying, fulfilling sexual lives.

  • The entire Ten-Step Programme, consisting of ten workbooks, can be studied and the exercises practised by individuals or couples. The ten workbooks may be purchased by visiting the publications page at www.quantumsex.co.uk or by calling directly on (01525) 862068. Payment may be made by debit or credit card over the telephone or by using your PayPal account online.
  • Couples who are committed to restoring or rescuing their relationship may choose to work through the ICASA Programme together through The ICASA Relationship Rescue Programme.
    For some clients, the addition of Surrogate Partner Therapy can be the most effective approach to overcoming many psychogenic, emotional and anxiety-related sexual problems.

To establish the most appropriate and effective approach to sexual recovery in your individual case, email enquiries@icasa.co.uk or call (01525) 862068 to make an appointment for a completely free 30 minute telephone assessment with an experienced senior member of the ICASA team.

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